Easy Way of Rigging the Camp

Camping in mind? All prepared to spend some really wonderful hours full of relaxation and rejuvenation? Bags are packed, wagon is ready and you are just about to leave! But have you gone through the manual of the tent you are carrying. Are you confidant about the erecting process? If not then take out some time and read this before leaving for camping

Light Camping With Tent

If you are not a regular hiker and normally camp outdoors for stretches of time, you have to consider the weight of the tent that you are bringing with you. Normally, external tents are small and light weight while an internal tent is usually more sturdy and can withstand a lot. However, you should be careful about weighing your tent. While packing the tent, include all the stakes. Also weigh the tent that you are about to pitch. Tent stakes stores in a separate compartment of backpack so that you can easily add them to the rest of the gear.

Before you leave for the camp, make sure that the sleeping bag or air mattress that you are planning to use is included in the bag. Also, separate compressor bags are packed with your sleeping bag. Do not forget to carry a portable pump that will help you inflate the sleeping bag once you get to the camp site. Do not forget sleeping mats, drinking bags and cleaning items.

Preparing the Campsite

Packing the camping gear is not finishes here. You need to take care to set up the tent in the safest place. The tent should be positioned on a raised area that is even and flat. It is always recommended to use designated camping areas that are marked by posts.

Making your Campfire

To keep the camping site safe and sound, you need to extinguish the fire before you go to bed for the night. For your convenience, use fire rings that have been designed for your use. If the area where you are camping has been set aside in a campground to be used for cooking and the fire rings are not in use, bring along a portable fire place. You can also use a mound of earth or a Banjo Pottery set which will also be great for cooking and warmth.

In your preparations for the campfire, never forget to bring along matches and firestarters. You can use either short stick or long stick to ignite your fire. Also, you may need to bring different sizes of ropes, locks, and a ceremonial stick. You can purchase firewood either from the campsite or the nearby woods.


In setting up the camp, you should always consider your safety. Your main purpose is to have fun. To keep this in mind, you should be aware of potential dangers and hazards. Here are some things to consider when raising the safety bar for your next camping fun?

If you are used to camping in your backyard or a nearby campground, you need to make sure that it is quite a distance away from the actual camp site. This is to avoid any problems from occurring. When you have done this, you can safely enjoy your camping and be protected.

During your camping time, never forget to bring along your mobile phone or a radio. You can use either of these things to keep yourself informed about the weather, the state of the environment, and of course, your location.

What to pack

When you go camping, you will need to bring along the following things to make your camping and hiking trip safe and enjoyable. Make sure that you have a map and a compass with you so that you will know the way to proceed.

  • compass and GPS-radar-phones and Gps-phones and Gms-backpack and trekking shoes-earplugs-tent and sleeping bags-knife, matches, and other cooking and eating utensils-dark clothes and towels-water and ice-marker-sites where you can dump your waste- sunscreen-hat-tent with a good ventilation-plastic covers for your tent and sleeping bags-tooths and ticks-whiskers and ticks-beetles and other insects that may bite or sting you.
  • To entertained yourself during the campaign, it is advised to bring mobile phone and accessed a game online website such as Sweet456 to kill the time during boring period in the camp.

Remember that your camping gear must be easy to maintain. Before you go camping, you need to clean your tent, footwear, and equipment. Wash your sleeping bags, especially if you use synthetic materials. You can hand wash your clothes and personal hygiene products in a bathtub in your swimming tub or by yourself in the bathtub of your camper. If you do so, you can easily wash your clothes every time. But remember that if it is too cold, you may need to add some cold water. Just add a few cold water bottles to your tub or lake water and you will come back to your camp relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself once again.

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